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Research Projects at Leibniz University Hannover (LUH)

In order to apply for a research project of your choice, kindly select either one of the (A) Research Proposals from a specific institute listed below or have a look at the (B) different reserach institutes and their specific research area at one of our five schools in science and engineering

(A) Project poposals

ME: School of Mechanical Engineering

 ME 1: Institute of Thermodynamics

ME 2: Institute of Production Engineering and Machine tools:


EC: School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

EC 1: Institute of Electroechnology:

 EC 2: Institute of Microelectronic Systems:

  • EC 2.1.:development of electronics for biomedical applications
  • EC 2.2.:development of image processing methods for biomedical applications
  • EC 2.3.:development of 3D printed scaffold structures for biomecial applications


CE: School of Civil Engineering and Geodetic Science

CE 1: Instiute for Mechanics and Computational Mechanics:

  • CE 1.1.:extendet reality methods in computational mechanics

DE: School of Mathematics and Physics

DE1: Institute of applied mathematics

  • DE 1.1.: Numerical modeling and implementation of ordinary differential equations (e.g., population models or predator- prey models)
  • DE 1.2.: Numerical modeling of Poissons's problem with finite elements
  • DE 1.3.: Implementation and analysis of variant's of Newton's method for solving nonlinear equations
  • DE 1.4.: Design and modeling of coupled, nonlinear, differential equations


EE: School of Natural Sciences

EE: Institute of Carthography and Geoinformatics


(B) Research institutes and their distinct research areas

You can find all research institutes and their distinct researach areas by following links

The webpage of the School of civil engineering is in German only (by now); If you need any assistance in finding the right institute, please let us know.

Thank you.


Please prioritize your chosen proposal or institute in the application.