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Leibniz Universität Hannover
Sachsenross (Saxony Horse) (©Phumsiam Seansuk)
View at International Office (©Phumsiam Seansuk)
Hannover Opera (©Phumsiam Seansuk)
New Town Hall (©Phumsiam Seansuk)
Herrenhauser Gardens (©Phumsiam Seansuk)
Class of 2015 in front of LUH
Class of 2010 in front of Castle Charlottenburg, Berlin
Class of 2014
Class of 2013
View at castle from the gardens
BBQ at institute
Backside of LUH castle
Alley through the park
Old town of Hannover
Headquarters of daily newspaper 'Hannoversche Allgemeine'
Ballhof, a lively place in old town of Hannover
LUH Sports center
Christ church in Nordstadt, Hannover
Leibniz monument in Herrenhaeuser Gardens, Hannover
Limmer street, a lively area in Linden, Hannover
Market church in old town, Hannover
Weekly ecological market in Nordstadt, Hannover
Maschsee in the center of Hannover
Maschseefest, a festival held once a year during July
New town hall
Nikolai chapel, a WWII memorial in Hannover
Opera house, Hannover
Soccer stadium for the team of Hannover 96
City tram, Hannover
A typical student dorm, Hannover
Wilhelm Busch museum in Herrenhaeuser Gardens, Hannover
One of a bride variety of cafés in Hannover city
View at Kroepcke gangway connecting train main station with the center of Hannover
Kroepcke clock, a very famous meeting point in Hannover